Watchmakers response to Apple’s smart Watch


A brief Overview of Apple’s upcom­ing smart watch or iWatch:

It’s been months or years that the web is con­stantly bab­bling about and we even had already named it “iWatch” . Though the offi­cial announce­ment came out in the begin­ning of Sep­tem­ber 2014: the Apple Watch , real name is yet to be announced, will be released early in 2015. It will work with iPhone 5, 5c, 5S or 6 and 6+ and will be hav­ing a very high level of cus­tomiza­tion options. The three col­lec­tions of iWatch which should achieve suc­cess by tar­get­ing three needs / styles  are:

  • The Col­lec­tion Watch, “stain­less steel hous­ings with nat­ural or black fin­ish side­real. Sap­phire crys­tal. A range of styl­ish bracelets.
  • The Sport Watch Col­lec­tion “of anodized alu­minum hous­ings side­real gray or sil­ver. Ion-X of rein­forced glass. Solid bracelets in bright colors.
  • The col­lec­tion Edi­tion Watch “in yel­low or pink gold cases 18k. Sap­phire crys­tal. Bracelets and clasps designed with art.


Tech­nol­ogy and OS level  is said to be opti­mized for the user to eas­ily inter­act with his/her watch and his/her iPhone. Apple Watch includes a dig­i­tal crown, a fluid and intu­itive nav­i­ga­tion, and a host of con­ve­nient fea­tures: for reg­u­lar and work­out use.


Watch­mak­ers reaction

To the ques­tion “are you afraid of the arrival of Apple in the watch mar­ket? “, the own­ers of dif­fer­ent watch brands unan­i­mously responded in the neg­a­tive. The threat lies not in inno­va­tion they all protested in cho­rus. The major­ity of them showed defense  for cre­ation and moder­nity; some of them even wel­comed the tech­nol­ogy and design of the Apple Watch; how­ever oth­ers were firm on a notion that Apple will never dom­i­nate the big brands of lux­ury Replica watches like  Rolex or Pan­erai .  For exam­ple Jean-Claude Biver  said in an inter­view to forbes Life that a watch that lacks sex appeal.  He explained:  Apple watch is just same as all other smart-watches in the mar­ket. The lux­ury is time­less, rare and pres­ti­gious. A lux­ury watch is not some­thing to be sold 40 mil­lion copies and irrepara­ble in five years. more­over He said it’s more of a com­mu­ni­ca­tion device than some­thing defined as “watch”.

 Jean-Claude Biver

So why worry about the Swiss watch indus­try when the needs, desires and tar­gets are not the same for both types of prod­ucts?  The same ques­tion was asked in the advent of mobile phones that would show the time And Mr. Hayek said ” . If the sole inter­est of the Replica watches was to give time, the watch indus­try would not exist for a long time 


The oppos­ing forces

Beyond the design and func­tion­al­ity, there are two sep­a­rate oppos­ing philoso­phies. The Apple Watch plunges us into a sphere of hyper-connectivity which is dif­fi­cult to get out once fell in. Addic­tion is not far away and the signs are strong. Angelo Bon­ati, CEO of Pan­erai talks about his pas­sion and feel­ings asso­ci­ated with the pur­chase of a lux­ury watch. Emo­tions, which he can not be felt for a smartwatch.

One thing is cer­tain: they advo­cate moder­nity and impro­vise sin­cere defense for tech­no­log­i­cal inno­va­tion, and they posi­tion them­selves as crit­ics of Apple Watch, watch­mak­ers are not afraid. Not for a second.