At a time when many trav­el­ers are fly­ing to des­ti­na­tions as far away exotic should pay trib­ute to the heroes of air­mail who opened the-air at the peril of their own lives. One of these heroes is espe­cially dear to our heart, it is of course the great Jean Mer­moz and his leg­endary air­craft, the South­ern Cross fea­tures the famous watch edge Lip T10.


The air­mail for con­quer­ing the sky

As if they belonged to our col­lec­tive uncon­scious, some words and some names imme­di­ately come to mind when talk­ing about the olden times of avi­a­tion. The Wright Broth­ers, Mer­moz, Guil­lomet and etc can be men­tioned here when we talk about the his­tory or the past times. The con­quest of the sky is obvi­ously for us all, an essen­tial and inti­mate point of our lives, because it’s a bit of an epic story that finally man­aged to give wings to humanity.

But any inven­tion, as impor­tant and dra­matic as it knows no devel­op­ment unless it can­not be mar­keted or put into pro­duc­tion and avi­a­tion is no excep­tion to this rule. Thus, even if the Great War that has trans­formed avi­a­tion war machine and pilot hero, it is easy to under­stand the impor­tance of air­mail ser­vice in the devel­op­ment of civil avi­a­tion. There was also a plaque more explicit Avenue Marceau in Paris instead which was cre­ated by the transcon­ti­nen­tal airmail.

A com­pli­cated set up

Invent­ing the mod­ern com­mer­cial avi­a­tion was not an easy task for George Pierre in 1918. His plan is sim­ple yet ambi­tious: to join Morocco by Spain and Dakar con­tinue to Latin America.

Toulouse Barcelona rally on Christ­mas Day was obvi­ously the stunt that allowed Mr. Laté­coère pur­sues his dream, the first stone of a com­pany still con­sid­ered a chimera by the French state. The first flights to Morocco rally from Toulouse also ter­mi­nate in the fields for the first time lucky. But the line is finally offi­cially estab­lished through a con­tract that is signed with the French state after a flight Toulouse Raba successful.

The pre­car­i­ous secu­rity pro­vided com­bat air­craft used for mail deliv­ery and lack of onboard instru­ments do not allow older dri­vers 14/18 to per­form their tasks safely and they are often forced to crash land­ing, where possible.

The com­pany Spain Morocco Alge­ria is a suc­cess despite the enor­mous and sys­tem­atic risks encoun­tered by pilots led by for­mer avi­a­tor war, Didier Dau­rat which also han­dles recruit­ment. Flights to Alge­ria are reg­u­lar and sched­ules are met. Every­thing is ready for the sec­ond step, which con­sists in Casablanca to Dakar rally. The jour­ney is per­ilous, but the line is estab­lished. Grad­u­ally thanks to the tal­ent of the dri­vers, but also includ­ing var­i­ous diplo­matic progress between the French state and Spain.

Jean Mer­moz who was a newcomer

Mer­moz is one of the dri­vers who main­tain this extremely dan­ger­ous air­line, it is also cap­tured by the Moors in 1926 after a forced in the desert while serv­ing land­ing. Later in 1927 Dau­rat for Mis­sion Mer­moz rally non­stop from Toulouse on late 26 which he did through the range of the biplane 5,000 km. Nev­er­the­less, the cross­ing of the South Atlantic, final draw­ing hid­den feat nar­rowly escapes him.

In 1927 it is the cord of the Andes Mer­moz attack. A test that almost cost him life as he is forced to land in the moun­tains was orga­nized. For­tu­nately he man­ages to launch his plane into space and bounc­ing off the sur­round­ing moun­tain peaks. After this incred­i­ble adven­ture, he still man­ages to open the door of the Andes with another avi­a­tion leg­end, Guillaumet.

It will despite these achieve­ments, wait 12 May 1930 to see Jean Mer­moz suc­ceed the leg­endary cross­ing of the South Atlantic after a jour­ney of 21 hours dur­ing which the avi­a­tor some­times fly so low he said he felt the waves on the fuse­lage of his air­craft! This heroic act enables a France-Dakar reg­u­lar line — South Amer­ica. Between 1930 and 1936 Mer­moz out 24 flights over the South Atlantic.

Lip part­ners hav­ing a great­est avi­a­tor in the past

We talked about the dif­fi­cult begin­nings of air­mail with no onboard instru­ments allow dri­vers to locate in the time space. A small pro­duc­tion of Replica watches extra­or­di­nar­ily reli­able edge, how­ever, had been in pro­duc­tion since 1935 Lip.

It was of course a tech­nol­ogy that was then lim­ited to 200 copies. Thus Jean Mer­moz decided to have one of these lit­tle won­ders in his sea­plane South­ern Cross since time is an essen­tial ele­ment in the field of aeronautics.


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