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Just because the Speed­mas­ter is the only watch ever designed to be on the moon, such a trib­ute can mul­ti­ply with­out ever tir­ing brand enthu­si­asts and fans of the mod­els. Let’s look at some of the inter­est­ing fea­tures of the watch Omega Speed­mas­ter Apollo 17, which is the most orig­i­nal and classic!

The Speed­mas­ter watches:Omega Speedmaster Apollo

Omega has largely based its brand his­tory on some his­tor­i­cal facts. The Speed­mas­ter watch went to the moon! More than an anec­dote, this event is and will remain a sub­ject for Omega sto­ry­telling inexhaustible.

We would remind you in a few words the famous epic of the first Speed­mas­ter watches:

In 1965, the Omega Speed­mas­ter chrono­graph is approved by NASA for all manned space mis­sions, and took his first steps into space aboard the Gem­ini 3 mis­sion. The long-awaited mir­a­cle occurs and dur­ing the Apollo 11 mission.

This unique achieve­ment will be fol­lowed by other space mis­sions dur­ing which astro­nauts were equipped with a watch Omega Speed­mas­ter. In total, six Apollo mis­sions were raised on the moon, and the last was the Apollo 17 mission.

The spe­cial edi­tion of Omega Speed­mas­ter Apollo 17:

Edited copies in 1972 in honor of the date of the Apollo 17 mis­sion, watch Omega Speed­mas­ter Apollo 17 is prob­a­bly one of the most spe­cial collection.Omega Speedmaster Apollo

Exit the typ­i­cal dial Speed­mas­ter model, it has noth­ing to do: it is the repro­duc­tion of the insignia of the mis­sion, which rep­re­sents man, the future, the flag and mod­ern heritage.

The bust of Apollo is the pro­gram itself, but also char­ac­ter­izes the man through­out his life: his intel­li­gence, his wis­dom and ambi­tion. The eagle, whose wings are the flag of our coun­try, look­ing straight ahead, the future, sym­bol­ized by the spi­ral galaxy and Sat­urn, per­haps to tell us once again that the future of the man is also the plan­ets and stars.

It retains this edi­tion tachome­ter scale engraved inside the mechan­i­cal move­ment with man­ual wind­ing cal­iber 1861. Even the Omega logo is oth­er­wise pro­vided on the watch engraved on the sap­phire crystal.

100% orig­i­nal that will appeal to fans of space and astro­nom­i­cal dis­cov­ery model.

Omega Speedmaster Apollo



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