Stylish Watches seen at World Cup 2014


The rela­tion­ship of Replica watches and footballers!

It’s really not a new phe­nom­e­non but watch brands are invest­ing more and more in the field of foot­ball . Hublot, who is famous for acquir­ing foot­ballers as their brand ambas­sador, Hublot is still by far the most involved watch brand in football.

Cristiano Ronaldo wearing luxury watch


Other brands, were a bit cau­tious in this mat­ter as to whether com­bine their lux­ury image with those play­ers pre­vi­ously, but now have no doubt about the ben­e­fit of such asso­ci­a­tion. This is the case of Tag Heuer with Chris­tiano RonaldoBre­itling with David Beck­ham , Aude­mars Piguet with Lionel Messi and IWC with Zine­dine Zidane. The fan-following of the play­ers, and their iconic posi­tion are the val­ues ​​to man­u­fac­tures, which is the rea­son lux­ury watch brands have found these ath­letes as their proud ambas­sadors.

Hublot: lead­ing brand in watch indus­try and marketing

In this chal­lenge Hublot is still on top of every one. So it’s not a sur­prise that today is the day of Offi­cial Time­keeper of fifa 2014 World Cup in Brazil . A full fledged cam­paign was deployed for this pur­pose, Big Bang Chorno bi-retrograde and Clas­sic Fusion.

And what about the orig­i­nal and highly suc­cess­ful photo shoot which presents the foot­ball stars and leg­ends in a very unique way, Each photo car­ries anec­dote and freezes the feel­ing and time for this grand event while remains a moment of com­mu­nion between play­ers and Hublot.

Hublot fifa 2014

Lux­ury Watches in Team France

A lot of play­ers wear Hublot watches: Man­danda, Ribery, Val­buena, Evra, Giroud, Sis­soko, Ben­zema, with some vari­a­tions, some pre­fer a bezel with dia­monds, oth­ers just wear yel­low gold . but some keep other brands! Menez and Mavuba for exam­ple, have a yel­low gold Rolex Day­tona . Same with Karim Ben­zema, great lover of beau­ti­ful machines, who also owns two Hublot Replica watches with a “skele­ton”,  a Blanc­pain Lema­nia and Richard Mille RM 11 Felipe Massa Chorno!

Benzema Karim

So what watch brand wins your heart?