Rumors about iWatch another new product of Apple!


Here are sev­eral long months on spec­u­la­tion con­nected Replica watches and specif­i­cally iWatch going well. There are a few months, even though the arrival of the watch was immi­nent. But Apple does not leave any­thing on the fil­ter con­nected famous shows that the press itself named iWatch.


There are some days, came out a small mag­a­zine arti­cle, a Swiss news­pa­per for busi­ness lead­ers, and in the inte­rior, about Jean-Claude Biver. This mar­ket­ing whiz, direc­tor of Hublot Replica watches and divi­sion of LVMH reports. In fact, the most nat­ural, that Apple would pro­duce the iWatch watch in Switzerland.

In the words of Mr. Biver, Apple would indeed place an order for mak­ing boxes located in Le Locle to a provider, a com­pany reg­is­tered in the coun­try, but also tried to poach staff qual­i­fied in some factories.

As we know that Apple will not release any­thing until the big day, there is still time to ask the ques­tion. Does that com­pe­ti­tion exist? Does the watch should be wary? Jean-Claude Biver gives us enough of infor­ma­tion to under­stand that the gap is too large for the Swiss man­u­fac­tures to have Apple scored.

To this man, one of the few speak­ing out about Replica watches con­nected, both prod­ucts are opposed in all respects. The smart­watch are con­sumer prod­ucts like the oth­ers, and are quickly out­dated ref­er­ences, unlike lux­ury watches, which are part of sustainability.

But this seren­ity that watch­mak­ers dis­play may be impaired by another rev­e­la­tion of Jean-Claude Biver said that Apple approached him per­son­ally also, to offer him to buy his famous gold scratched in the Magic gold to the back of a lux­ury ver­sion of a new iPhone. Unless later launched his first watch, it sug­gests that Apple decides to con­quer the field of lux­ury watches. How­ever, very good and fiercely guarded.



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