Panerai Luminor and Chrono Monopulsante 2014


All the infor­ma­tion about Chrono Monopul­sante Left-Handed 8 Days Tita­nium is 47 mm and tells a frag­ment of the his­tory of Pan­erai watches.

The new Spe­cial Edi­tion, the only edi­tion and a lim­ited edi­tion of 300 copies, it brings together a num­ber of fea­tures designed and devel­oped dur­ing the thir­ties and for­ties for Pan­erai Replica watches intended for com­man­dos of the Royal Ital­ian Navy, inte­grat­ing seam­lessly with tech­ni­cal solu­tions and mate­ri­als for high– Sports con­tem­po­rary watchmaking.

Panerai Luminor 1950 Chrono

Case Tita­nium derived from his­tor­i­cal patterns

The case of the new Lumi­nor 1950 Chrono­graph SIHH 2014 has a strong impact on the design char­ac­ter­is­tics of the clock, which is derived from some his­tor­i­cal mod­els: the wind­ing crown and the pro­tec­tion device are located on the left side. The main rea­son for this lies in the his­tory of Pan­erai, which already more than sev­enty years ago pro­duced spec­i­mens intended for raiders who pre­ferred to wear the watch on the right wrist, hav­ing to wear on the wrist com­pass and depth gauge.

Con­versely, to main­tain the pro­file of the device pro­tect­ing the crown aes­thet­i­cally pure, the but­ton that con­trols all func­tions of the chrono­graph and placed on the right side, at two o’clock. Despite the 47 mm diam­e­ter case, a clas­sic mea­sure of vin­tage mod­els that were worn over the div­ing suit, its weight and greatly reduced thanks to the choice of tita­nium, a mate­r­ial which also pro­vides high resis­tance to cor­ro­sion and is hypoallergenic.

Other ele­ments that find their roots in the his­tory of Pan­erai are the con­vex crys­tal that pro­tects the dial and the struc­ture of the dial itself, formed by two super­im­posed sheets between which is located the lumi­nes­cent sub­stance, vis­i­ble thanks to the holes on the upper level in cor­re­spon­dence with the indexes. This struc­ture, com­bined with the prover­bial clean design of the dial, ensur­ing max­i­mum clar­ity and read­abil­ity even in poor light conditions.

Chrono­graph with fea­tures of man­ual winding

Through the trans­par­ent case back you can observe the move­ment with man­ual wind­ing that reveals part of its orig­i­nal struc­ture with large bridges satin fin­ish, rounded cor­ners and smoothed and pol­ished screw. Thanks to its three spring bar­rels, move­ment and able to develop a con­stant force for eight con­sec­u­tive days and the remain­ing power reserve indi­ca­tor and at the back of the move­ment, in order to keep the design of the dial can be more essential.

Among the func­tions of the new SIHH 2014 Pan­erai Lumi­nor 1950 Chrono Monopul­sante Left-Handed 8 Days Tita­nium — 47 mm chrono­graph stands out, which uses a sin­gle but­ton to trig­ger the start, stop and reset the mea­sure­ment. Equipped with a col­umn wheel, a fac­tor that dis­tin­guishes the more refined move­ments because allows max­i­mum pre­ci­sion, the chrono­graph also has the clutch, which helps to avoid uncer­tain­ties of hand move­ment. The minute counter at nine o’clock and imme­di­ately rec­og­niz­able because the nee­dle is con­tin­u­ous but not jump­ing shot: take a posi­tion at every minute mea­sured. The cal­iber P.2004 / 9 and also accom­pa­nied the device reset sec­onds, extract­ing the crown, and stops instantly resets the small sec­onds hand. This then starts to rotate once the crown is placed back in posi­tion, thus allow­ing syn­chro­niz­ing to the exact sec­ond, for exam­ple with a clock sig­nal, the clock.


The Lumi­nor 1950 Chrono Monopul­sante Left-Handed 8 Days Tita­nium — 47 mm and comes with a leather strap and nat­ural untreated and a sec­ond rub­ber strap, in addi­tion to the screw­driver to replace the buckle and a spe­cial tool for the replace­ment the strap. The watch is water resis­tant to 10 atmos­pheres (about 100 meters deep).


  • Move­ment: Hand-wound mechan­i­cal, Pan­erai cal­iber P.2004 / 9, exe­cuted entirely by Pan­erai, 133/4 lines, thick­ness 8.2 mm, 31 jew­els, Glucy­dur bal­ance, 28,800 alter­na­tions per hour.
  • Func­tions: Hours, min­utes, small sec­onds, power reserve indi­ca­tor vis­i­ble on the back, sec­onds reset, single-button chrono­graph with two counters
  • Case: Diam­e­ter 47 mm, brushed tita­nium. But­ton in brushed tita­nium for the chrono­graph func­tion at 2 o’clock
  • Bezel: pol­ished titanium.
  • Back: See-through sap­phire crystal
  • Dial: Ara­bic numer­als. Minute counter at 9 o’clock, sec­onds at 3 o’clock, cen­tral chrono­graph sec­onds hand.
  • Crys­tal: Sap­phire, corun­dum, 2 mm thick­ness and anti-glare
  • Strap: leather and brushed tita­nium buckle per­son­al­ized PANERAI trape­zoid. Sup­plied with a sec­ond inter­change­able strap, a tool to change the strap and a steel screwdriver
  • Imper­me­abil­ity: 10 bar



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