Is 2014 the Year of Italian Watches?



Men are obsessed with watches. That’s a fact. They can deny it all they want. It won’t make it any less true.
Some­one once said that a man’s choice of wrist watch is a sure tell of whether he’s suc­cess­ful or not. I prob­a­bly butchered the quote. It doesn’t make the state­ment any less true, either.
Just con­sider this: good Replica watches are expen­sive. Yet, even with the reces­sion, the watch indus­try is pos­i­tively boom­ing.
You’ll see heads of State giv­ing their hosts Replica watches as gifts. Wealthy foot­ballers would sooner buy Replica watches than sports cars. A-list celebri­ties proudly bran­dish their lux­ury pieces at the red car­pet. And respected men’s mag­a­zines are crawl­ing with watch adver­tise­ments.

Let’s not even get started on the case of Pres­i­dent Barack Obama’s Jorg Gray 6500 Chronome­ter. It was a gift to the pres­i­dent from his secret ser­vice secu­rity team. When it was iden­ti­fied, the timepiece’s com­mer­cial suc­cess was guar­an­teed.
Sud­denly, own­ing that watch meant power. And men like being part of the pow­er­ful set.
The same is true of lux­ury Ital­ian watches. You’ve heard the names – Officine Pan­erai, Bul­gari, U-Boat, among oth­ers. The price tags are ridicu­lous. These Replica watches are invest­ments rather than plain arm candy. And yet men flock to buy them. Because own­ing one could mean they have “arrived.”

Why Buy Italian

The Ital­ian watch has long been play­ing second-fiddle to its Swiss-made coun­ter­parts. Just say “watch” and you’ll have peo­ple eagerly spout­ing names of famous Swiss brands. But the Ital­ians shouldn’t really be writ­ten off just yet. Here’s why.

  • Ital­ians are good watchmakers.

Ital­ians have an almost obses­sive love affair with watches. They’re avid col­lec­tors. So should it really sur­prise any­one that they’ll even­tu­ally try their hand at mak­ing them?
Just try vis­it­ing Flo­rence. You can’t go a few feet with­out stum­bling on a watch­maker. One of the bet­ter ones is the Ambuchi fam­ily. Small won­der then that Anon­imo was quick to snap their ser­vices up.
But they’re not just sit­u­ated in one place. MGC hails from Parma, Italy and has started to make waves in the watch indus­try.
Ital­ian watch man­u­fac­tur­ers are also pio­neers in the use of PVD black­en­ing processes on watches. Well before Switzer­land did the same, Pan­erai was already black­en­ing its creations.

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  • The Ital­ian watch is made excep­tion­ally well.

Many of the pre­miere lux­ury Ital­ian Replica watches had their starts pro­vid­ing the time­pieces for the navy. That means that the time­pieces are expected to be tough and resilient products.

On top of that, major­ity of them are hand-made, with watch­mak­ers pay­ing close atten­tion to every tiny detail. This is why Ital­ian crafts­man­ship is beyond com­pare. And while a num­ber of famous brands have trans­ferred oper­a­tions to Switzer­land, there­fore mak­ing the inner machi­na­tions of the watch Swiss-made, design­ers opted to focus on cre­at­ing superb watch cases in Italy.

These Replica watches can last decades! Sure, you might need to spend a few thou­sand on one now, but just imag­ine that watch’s value in the next few years. It’s also bound to become a fam­ily heir­loom someday.

  • Hand-wound, not quartz.

Noth­ing can say lux­ury quite as well as a hand-wound watch. Many mod­ern edi­tions and brands rely on quartz, mean­ing they’re oper­ated by bat­tery and thus, automatic.

  • They’re very fashionable.

Like almost every other Euro­pean coun­try, Italy main­tains a firm hand on what’s fash­ion­able or not. And its Replica watches are no excep­tion. Many lux­ury brands are excep­tion­ally made with gold and bronze faces. And who can deny the absolute beauty of Ital­ian leather in those watch straps?

  • They’re absolute wiz­ards at mix­ing tra­di­tional and non-traditional elements.

Ever seen a Mec­ca­niche Veloci? The com­pany man­u­fac­tures racing-inspired watches. Because of this, one shouldn’t be sur­prised to see their Replica watches made with the same mate­ri­als that go into car carburetors.

Many would argue that the era of Replica watches has come and gone. They should have taken the path to obscu­rity the moment cell­phones were invented. And why not? Cel­lu­lar phones do come with clocks. And they have a hun­dred other func­tions than just tell the time.

But sur­pris­ingly, the wrist­watch remains resilient.


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Going (and grow­ing) with the Times

At the face of the world eco­nomic cri­sis, time­pieces learned to evolve to meet cus­tomer demands. When men started balk­ing at the cost of own­ing a Pan­erai, many Ital­ian watch mak­ers decided to cre­ate less expen­sive, but no less visu­ally appeal­ing options.
Many fash­ion houses part­nered with watch design­ers to release time pieces that would work with their exist­ing cloth­ing lines. The look remained fash­ion­ably chic, but with prices well below the $500 mark. Some even go as low as $60.
And because of this, the Ital­ians were able to keep up with the mar­ket. They’re also start­ing to cre­ate a buzz with inter­na­tional watch enthu­si­asts.
Italy is a coun­try with a sto­ried his­tory in watch mak­ing. The Replica watches they have on the mar­ket are good rep­re­sen­ta­tions of how well Ital­ian time­pieces are made. And with their pop­u­lar­ity start­ing to hit main­stream, it would not be sur­pris­ing if 2014 becomes the year that Ital­ian time­pieces make a break­through and leave all the Swiss con­nec­tion behind.


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