Citizen Men’s BM8180-03E Eco-Drive Canvas Strap Review


Cit­i­zen is a lead­ing brand in advanced tech­nol­ogy. It is respon­si­ble for the intro­duc­tion of many new tech­nolo­gies in the mar­ket. It cre­ated world’s first voice recog­ni­tion watch and also pro­fes­sional dive watch. Recently it intro­duced Eco-Drives Replica watches which are pow­ered by light whether it is arti­fi­cial or nat­ural, insur­ing life­time use.  Cit­i­zen BM8180-03Eis one of Cit­i­zen Watches which uses Eco-Drive Tech­nol­ogy. The watch is mil­i­tary designed with green can­vas bands giv­ing it the look you expect from such watch. It is an ana­log watch with 12/24 time indi­ca­tor and bold details mak­ing it eas­ier to tell time.

BM8180-03E Eco-Drive

Though the watch doesn’t come with a huge list of fea­tures but still it does have a cal­en­dar win­dow located at 3 o’clock show­ing day/date. Addi­tion­ally, it also has water resis­tance up to 100 meters which is enough to sur­vive swim­ming or snor­kel­ing. The case of the watch is stain­less steel with crys­tal min­eral win­dow giv­ing it some tough­ness and scratch resistance.

Eco-Drive is the main rea­son any­one would buy Cit­i­zen Eco Drive BM8180-03E. Unlike other Replica watches you will never have to change the bat­tery in your life. There is a recharge­able bat­tery located inside the watch which uses the Power of light to charge itself. The bat­tery will charge itself from both nat­ural and arti­fi­cial light and the charge lasts for quite long time. As the watch can be charged by any light, you will not have to worry about specif­i­cally going out­side in order to charge the watch.

In Short


Cit­i­zen BM8180-03E is a per­fect buy for every­one who likes sim­plic­ity with some style. Eco-Drive tech­nol­ogy gets you out of has­sle of chang­ing bat­ter­ies and with Japan­ese Quartz move­ment you will receive the most accu­rate time. Though bands could cause some trou­ble but still you can change them or work with them, both ways you will have a great deal.


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Per­for­mance and Features

Cit­i­zen BM8180-03E Can­vas Strap Watch is a styl­ish watch with a mil­i­tary look. Dial is quite promi­nent mak­ing it easy to see time and the watch is also very sim­ple to maintain.


  • Cit­i­zen Eco Drive BM8180-03E has a black Dial with lumi­nous hands and num­bers which means you won’t need any kind of back light to see time. The lumi­nous hands will work per­fectly in dark.
  • High Con­trast white num­ber­ing on black back­ground make it very clear to see time. This makes it easy to check out time at first glance and also good for peo­ple who have bit low vision.
  • It has High Qual­ity Japan­ese Quartz move­ment and uses Cit­i­zen Eco-Drive as a power source instead of dis­pos­able bat­tery. The bat­tery of the watch will be charged using nat­ural or arti­fi­cial light source so you will never have to change the battery.
  • It has 100 meters water resis­tance which can eas­ily with­stand swim­ming or snor­kel­ing, though div­ing could cause an issue.


With Japan­ese Quartz move­ment and Eco Drive tech­nol­ogy Cit­i­zen Eco Drive BM8180-03E pro­vides the most accu­rate time. The watch hardly loses 1 sec­ond in a whole week which is quite accu­rate time for such watch.

Main­tain­ing and chang­ing Cit­i­zen BM8180-03Esettings is a no brainer, mak­ing it opti­mum choice for peo­ple who pre­fer sim­ple devices. The time of the watch can be adjusted by pulling the crown of the watch to 2nd click and turn­ing it clock­wise or coun­ter­clock­wise to adjust time. After adjust­ing time you can push back the crown and when it will be firmly pushed the watch will start working.

BM8180-03E Eco-Drive

You can also set the cal­en­dar by pulling the crown to 1st click. After pulling turn it coun­ter­clock­wise to adjust date and clock­wise to adjust day of the week, after adjust­ing don’t for­get to push it back.


Cit­i­zen BM8180-03E Can­vas Strap Watch is a durable watch with sim­ple yet amaz­ing tech­nol­ogy. Its Eco-Drive Tech­nol­ogy makes it a great buy, all its dura­bil­ity comes from Eco-Drive tech­nol­ogy. Clear dial win­dow and lumi­nous hands makes it quite easy to see time.


Its can­vas band is very stiff and also retains water, so the bands can even­tu­ally start smelling. The riv­ets in the band are also bit uncom­fort­able, though bands are caus­ing bit issue but still it is not a deal breaker. You can swap bands with the bands of your choice, though it might cost you some extra but still with this amaz­ing Cit­i­zen BM8180-03E Can­vas Strap Watch you will still be in favor.

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