Brief History of Glorious Rolex Submariner diving watch


The Rolex Sub­mariner is 60 years old and is like a myth built for explor­ing the under­wa­ter depths. But now it is back on a suc­cess story.

The ori­gins of Submariner-the div­ing watch

Deep Sea divers watch

After the exam­i­na­tion of other plan­ets, the inva­sion of the moon, the heav­ens, and the ocean study has always been the dream of a man. Dis­cov­er­ing the unknown, pro­duc­ing new per­for­mances tran­scended the nature by push­ing fur­ther its capa­bil­i­ties. These are prob­a­bly the argu­ments for jus­ti­fy­ing human­ity quest for the absolute.

 A List of some great books about his­tory and moder­nity of ROLEX

Each of these exploits that you may have noticed include the man who wore these Replica watches on their wrist as a faith­ful instru­ment. These prove to be very help­ful. Along with their ben­e­fits and uses, they look great on your wrist.

In the cap­ture of the seabed, it is prob­a­bly the Rolex Sub­mariner which most ref­er­ence. A des­tiny crossed with other excep­tional Replica watches for the deep­est areas, such as Replica watches Deep Sea.


The Sub­mariner is one of Rolex Replica watches that have become most pop­u­lar Replica watches in the world. It is prob­a­bly the one that has changed the most over the years, and after 60 years of reign, the brand is not ready to leave its place.

In 1870, Jules Verne cap­ti­vated a wide audi­ence with the adven­tures of science-fiction sub­ma­rine 20,000 leagues under the sea, throw­ing the spir­its that any other envi­ron­ment, another world evolved in the ocean depths. The explo­ration of this medium will spread the cen­tury with sub­ma­rine mis­sions, and in the late ‘40s, with the emer­gence of the diver; the man could move freely under­wa­ter and dis­cover the won­ders sub­ma­rine which finally offered to him. With these first dives, the prob­lem of time spent under­wa­ter and decom­pres­sion time, so the mas­tery of time in gen­eral was asked.

For Rolex, the under­wa­ter adven­ture began first with the cre­ation of the first water­proof watch in 1926: the Rolex Per­pet­ual, with a box fit­ted with an inge­nious patented bezel, bot­tom and crown screwed crown, and the Oys­ter bracelet. The resis­tance of the watch was tested and proven espe­cially dur­ing a suc­cess­ful oper­a­tion: the Chan­nel cross­ing to swim by Mercedes.

In 1953, Rolex launched the Sub­mariner watch , the first water­proof watch strap up to 100 meters deep, with a solid stain­less steel bracelet and a sturdy rein­forced seal­ing the case. With its lumi­nes­cent hands and mark­ers, the diver gets a per­fect read­abil­ity even in the dark depths under­wa­ter. It’s grad­u­ated bezel hold­ing the stop­watch func­tion and allows the diver to pre­cisely cal­cu­late dive time, its lev­els of safety and sup­ply of oxygen.

Deep Sea Special

In the early 50s and in the con­text of the devel­op­ment of the Sub­mariner watches, Rolex worked with a Swiss sci­en­tist Auguste Pic­card, who is the inven­tor of bathy­scaphe Tri­este and is sub­mersible at great depths has devel­oped an exper­i­men­tal show, the Deep Sea Special.

Devel­op­ment of this watch this watch enable Rolex explore up to 3000 m under­wa­ter, with the famous Deep Sea Spe­cial attached to the famous sub­ma­rine, and most impor­tantly, the per­fect recover con­di­tion and on time! Per­for­mance never equaled, sum­ma­rized by Jacques Pic­card “watch as accu­rate to 11 000 m depth to the surface.”

Dur­ing the 50’s, these are explo­ration prop­er­ties that gave Rolex grist to bring sig­nif­i­cant tech­ni­cal improve­ments also its Submariner.

The Sub­mariner with a brief look on its evolution

The first ref­er­ence unveiled in 1953 is the 6204 model , with a bidi­rec­tional bezel with a right hand hours a sec­onds hand with a lumi­nous cir­cle at the end of the nee­dle, with the inscrip­tion “Sub­mariner” in gold on Dial. This model, water resis­tant to 600 feet will be pro­duced until 1956.

James Bond Rolex Submariner

In 1955 two devel­op­ments of the Rolex Sub­mariner appeared. The first ref­er­ence is gen­er­ally pro­duced with­out reg­is­tra­tion Sub­mariner and shows the cal­iber A260 series of Rolex. With the 6200 ref­er­ence and cal­iber A296, the bot­tom is thicker and the max­i­mum depth that can be reached is 660 feet. Its wind­ing crown is now 6 mm in diam­e­ter. This model was pro­duced until 1957.

In 1956, the cal­iber 1030 arrives at heart of 6536 and 6538 mod­els. The lat­ter is more accu­rate and the end of 1958, there are cer­ti­fied chronome­ters with inscrip­tion on the dial 6538.

In 1958 appear Replica watches Rolex Sub­mariner 5510 and 5508. The first is a mod­i­fied ver­sion of the 6538, pro­duced until 62. The 5508 has the same case as the 6536, which it is chang­ing. These mod­els are some­times given the name of James Bond Rolex, as the 6204 model, the 6205 even though it would seem that the ‘real’ James Bond watch worn by Sean Con­nery is the 6538 model.

In 1965, the Sub­mariner appeared with a nov­elty. It is the date when it was released with cyclops lens and two pos­si­ble sizes that are 1570 and 1575. This is the model that will be pro­duced over the longest period and remains very pop­u­lar among col­lec­tors. Two years later, the “lit­tle” sis­ter of the Sub­mariner, the Sea Dweller 1665 also stamped “Sub­mariner” was born.

In 1982 a new model appears to be more evolved Sub­mariner called tran­si­tion: Rolex Sub­mariner 16800 is now equipped with a sap­phire crys­tal. It is equipped with safety glasses and dis­plays resis­tance to 300 meters. Its vari­ant gold and steel is the ref­er­ence 16803 pro­duced in 1983 and the 18K yel­low gold, the 16,808 pro­duced in 1979.

In 1986, the mod­ern Sub­mariner 16610 was a great suc­cess and the 5513 is replaced by 14060. The other ver­sions of the 16610 steel are gold and steel and 18K gold 16618. In the series of 16613 gold and steel appears blue dial, superb!

2003 cel­e­brates fifty years of shows already leg­endary, and to mark the occa­sion, Rolex unveils anniver­sary shows the green bezel.

In 2010, Rolex released the Sub­mariner 116610 LN watch with a case and a newly expanded 3135 movement.

Rolex Submariner

In 2012 was unveiled at Basel­world, a model that was not expected but met a great suc­cess: the new Rolex Sub­mariner 114060, 3130 movement.

Besides these well-known col­lec­tors as a larger but still warned pub­lic model, many excep­tional mod­els were listed as authen­tic Rolex Sub­mariner watches, but very few prod­ucts for very spe­cific occa­sions and lim­ited num­ber. We can include spe­cial COMEX Sub­mariner, Royal Navy, the Sub­mariner watch “Trop­i­cal” Red Sub­mariner 5513 with Ara­bic numer­als called “3–6-9″ Sub­mariner “Tiffany and Co”, the “Dou­ble Red” and many more.

If there were to be a Rolex, it would be the Sub­mariner” is the motto of many of these enthu­si­asts who boast both the mer­its of its appear­ance, its tech­ni­cal per­for­mance, its his­tory and leg­end that it embodies.

Adjec­tives fail to qual­ify at the strengths of the Sub­mariner: pretty, sturdy, strong, reli­able, time­less, and prac­ti­cal. Tastes dif­fer there­after as the mate­r­ial used for the case and bracelet, with date or no date, rather vin­tage or modern.

 Vintage Red Rolex Submariner

Dri­ven by Sean Con­nery in James Bond or Steve McQueen in The Hunter (among oth­ers!), The Sub­mariner has an incred­i­ble aura that these celebri­ties them­selves leg­ends, helped forge. For 60 years now, the Sub­mariner has been proven in years through bril­liantly despite numer­ous transformations.

Today, the Sub­mariner is a sum­mary of what is best in the field of watch­mak­ing. Its Oys­ter case, directly inspired by the first hous­ing Oys­ter 1926, the same one that was cre­ated as the first sealed box, has a remark­able archi­tec­ture with opti­mal size, wind­ing crown and screwed back. Con­structed from a 904 stain­less steel block L of high qual­ity, robust case has an inte­grated crown guard. His crown pre­cisely is patented by Rolex Triplock and has three gas­kets and screws directly onto the mid­dle. The grad­u­ated bezel that allows divers to dive safely is also oper­a­tional at night thanks to its lumi­nes­cent cap­sule. The bezel disk Cer­achrom com­pound is very hard, scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant ceramic.

All these tech­ni­cal fea­tures of mod­ern and effi­cient Sub­mariner are often crack enthu­si­asts. Oth­ers pre­fer an older watch, with its own his­tory in addi­tion to the model, a rare time­piece, which is no longer pro­duced, for exam­ple, with a beau­ti­ful patina and always the high­est qual­ity and held in the excep­tional time.

Still oth­ers will focus less per­for­mance dive watch for the sim­ple rea­son that they wear it to town on a nice suit or a casual out­fit, for the beau­ti­ful suits every out­fit for every occa­sion! Espe­cially now avail­able to hold­ers Rolex solu­tions to opti­mize and cus­tomize their look to every­day situations.

With sum­mer comes, we leave such eas­ily con­vinced by a Nato strap or bracelet col­or­ful Rub­ber B .

Summer Rolex Submariner

So suc­cess­ful in the world of lux­ury, watch­mak­ing is often rewarded, unfor­tu­nately, to a lot of set­backs; the most trou­ble­some is the prob­lem of coun­ter­feit­ing. Although Rolex Replica watches were “often imi­tated, never equaled” these false mod­els that bloom each day hurt to watch, but also to those, who, how­ever well-intentioned, are being cheated.

His­tor­i­cally, crowned mark fights against this scam, but it is in the response of each to restore the sit­u­a­tion, so be vig­i­lant and do not hes­i­tate to call a pro­fes­sional to advise you, how­ever if you also want to dive into adventure!

Summer Rolex Submariner

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