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Fran­cois Delonge is a new cus­tomer of Croe­sus, and in life he is a cook, motor­cy­cle enthu­si­ast and father of three chil­dren. He very kindly agreed to answer a few ques­tions about his beau­ti­ful Replica watches in an inter­view to a fel­low blog. We wanted to share his expe­ri­ences and styl­ish Replica watches he likes to buy and wear.

Well we must say that we have a strong pref­er­ence for chrono­graphs. For their styl­ish and sporty side no doubt. Our Replica watches fit our lifestyle, our out­fits, or desires. We wanted them to accom­pany us in our daily life. they fol­low us every­where in our daily life rou­tines. This is the aes­thetic that we liked and not nec­es­sar­ily the fea­tures, because we do not use the chrono­graph only occa­sion­ally. After that, there are details that made ​​me crack par­tic­u­larly on these mod­els, like the beau­ti­ful face of my Bre­itling Super Avenger Chrono­graph, col­ors and the light­ness of the Bul­gari Diagono.

Is mechan­i­cal move­ment very essen­tial for us?

We would not say it is cru­cial because we did not know enough about mechan­i­cal watch to make a fun­da­men­tal cri­te­rion of selec­tion. But it is obvi­ous that if we wanted to offer our­self a beau­ti­ful mechan­i­cal object, it is because we love this world of pre­ci­sion and because we greatly admire the craft of watch­mak­ing. Our pro­fes­sional envi­ron­ment requires us to be very focused and pre­cise, so we also enjoy find­ing these qual­i­ties in objects per­fectly real­ized and in oth­ers, we love when things tend to per­fec­tion, and leave no room for to the nearly.

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Accord­ing to Fran­cois Delonge, he had sev­eral Lip watches, Swatch skele­ton watch, Replica watches and more fancy color to change often, for fun. What he loved with his watch is that he can see the mech­a­nism directly from the dial. But the one that made ​​him dream always is the Bre­itling Super Avenger. He always promised to him­self that one day he will pos­sess. He always knew that he would not jump; it was only a mat­ter of time.

The Bre­itling brand has always made ​​him attracted towards it. He likes its plush mod­els and style. He knew he would have pretty impres­sive shows to go with his wrist and his build. So he always chose a styl­ish and attrac­tive piece for himself.

Fran­cois Delonge says that there are two mod­els that he found really beau­ti­ful, and yet they do not have much in com­mon. He saw them both on our site and chose them from here. There is the Richard Mille for the next new watch, appar­ent mech­a­nism and per­for­mance, and the Rolex Day­tona. This is because it is a myth, still mod­ern, which he liked the most. Any­way for him, that’s the one and almost sin­gle cri­te­rion. He want his watch for­bid him, and this pur­chase is a great time of fun. He says that he loved the excite­ment when he opened the case after buy­ing it. He saw his watch and he passes it on his wrist for the first time.

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